Our heritage is from Lucknow, India. Our ancestors moved to Pakistan after 1947. Our father came to England in 1959 and our family has been living here ever since.

Cooking authentic Asian cuisine has been passed down from two generations. Both generations were excellent cooks, and we’ve taken that experience and knowledge to provide you with delicious, authentic Asian cuisine, along with a few International cuisines with a little Asian fusion added in, such as lasagnes, pies and bakes.

We offer a catering service for minimum 10 people and up to 100 people.  We also provide a fortnightly service, and deliver all over London and surrounding areas. Upon request we can provide Gluten Free (GF) cuisine.

Our food is made in a clean environment. All ingredients used are fresh and wholesome and we even grind our own spices from homemade recipes which gives our food that unique authentic taste. You will not be disappointed with our range of food dishes we have to offer.

We can also create a dessert table for that special occasion of yours – we will come to your venue and set it up. Once your event is over, we will come and take our equipment away, or we can provide just the desserts for your dessert table, for up to 200 people.

Please see our photo gallery to get an idea of the different types of cuisine / desserts that we can delight you with.